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Experience the workout our members call the "Best Hour" of their day. We're a full-service extremely MODERN fitness kickboxing studio which means all you have to do is show up, we handle the rest. You are guaranteed to burn 400 - 1,000 calories in every class! Our modern locations use the most state of the art tech available. Members schedule their class and reserve the exact bag they want for each class. Their heart rate monitors tell them exactly how many calories they are burning during the class. Our live leaderboards will motivate you to break through all your previous fitness goals! Our combination of real kickboxing moves, including punches and kicks, will engage every single muscle in your body. Welcome to your #BestHour!

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6 Weeks from now you'll wish you had started today.

Fully Body Workout

Each 60 minute class is designed to work every single muscle in your body. Unlike the typical gym workout, we focus on upper and lower body and always include your core conditioning.

Monthly DJ Nights

Each month we host a live DJ night in the studio where a guest DJ will spin the music and increase the energy in the studio. These are fun events designed to put a smile on your face. Check out our photo albums to see more.


We incorporate High Intensity Interval Training (HiiT) in each of our 60 minute classes. This program is designed to get you physically fit fast, while improving your overall health and mental wellness.

Monthly Challenges

Each month we run a new challenge to keep you motivated. Our 21-Day and 6-Week Challenges are designed to help you focus on completing workouts and nutrition.

Reduce Stress

Each class includes 6 rounds of Kickboxing. Each round is 3 minutes with a one minute rest period. These bag rounds increase in intensity with each new round. After six rounds, your stress level will be greatly reduced.

State of the Art Sound

Our state of the art "Night Club" quality sound system will get you moving while pushing you to get in one more kick and one more punch before the bell rings.

Ability CREATES Confidence

Our instructors are hand-picked and train constantly on technique and motivation to help you achieve your fitness goals. 

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Our Community is "The Difference!"

“ Real Members in Federal Way who became friends in our studio."

Why you will be successful here

  • Everything is handled for you.  Each day we change the class plan, music and rotate our instructors. All you have to do is show up and our team will handle the rest.
  • With multiple instructors on the mat, it will feel like you have a personal trainer each and every time you workout. Our trainers will know you by name and are there to teach you real kickboxing techniques and motivate you to push you harder and harder each and every class.
  • You will make friends, lots of friends. You do not need to worry about finding a workout partner, you will meet people around you who share your same commitment and goals to get back in the best shape of their life. These are the type of people you need in your life.
  • Our schedule is designed to help you plan when you're going to work out so you don't even need to think about it. 
  • You will feel amazing after each and every workout. You will get stronger and more confident in each and every class. This means you will improve your overall mental and physical well being.

Here is our class schedules for each studio:

- - Federal Way: Class Schedule
- - Kent: Class Schedule


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