The #BestHour 2022 Activity Calendar

After the past 23 months, it feels awesome to be able to share with you our Activity Plan for 2022.

The reason we’re sharing this plan is so you can see we’re invested in making 2022 a fantastic year for our #BestHour Nation. 

As your fitness kickboxing club, our mission is to help all of you in three primary areas:

  1. Get in and maintain the best physical and mental health possible, using our fitness challenges, nutrition coaching & accountability coaching to keep you focused. 
  2. Deliver the #BestHour experience every single time you step foot in our studio or join us on Zoom or Watch our On-Demand content. We believe you consistently leave our studios in a better mindset than when you arrived through our mission to deliver PositivityAppreciation, and Recognition each and every time on the mat. We’re on a mission to fill each class with FUN and LAUGHTER. We believe in our drama-free culture and appreciate all of you helping us achieve it. 
  3. Make friends and belong to a community of like-minded individuals who put others first. Our programs are designed for you to build lifelong friendships, who actually care about your health. This year we are optimistic we can bring back our annual member appreciation picnic in July. 

As with all plans, things may change, but here is what things look like right now!

#BestHour Kickboxing Q1 and Q2 Activities

There you have it. Please post your questions in the comment section below.

2022 is going to be a great year to get in shape, have fun and make friends. 

Beginners can sign up for their first class here.

Former Members/Kickboxers can drop-in any time by reserving your bag here.

Thank you for your financial support, for introducing us to your friends, and for your kindness every single day. 

We appreciate you!

Jim Harrer

Jim is the Founder & CEO of BestHour Fitness, Inc - the parent company of #BestHour Kickboxing.

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