2022 Fall Challenge to get Fit and Healthy

September 2022 Fitness Challenge
Find YOUR super power

Let’s talk about challenges…the word can sound a little scary, many humans are uncomfortable when coming face to face with something challenging.
Weight loss challenges can have you feeling the same way if you are not ready for it. It can feel like you will never be ready, how does one really take a good look at how they feel about themselves with TRUE honesty?

This a little story about how I lost 25lbs after joining kickboxing.

I was a stay-at-home mom of 2 little boys and wife to a kickboxer and fitness coach. Let’s just say my husband (fiancé at the time) wakes up in shape every day and I was 5’2” waking up at 183lbs with back issues every day. I became a mom early in life so I could play and run with my children.  Except the weight I put on from being a SAHM and Pandemic life, I found every excuse to avoid the very thing I wanted so much. I would send my husband out with the kids to play while I stayed home to clean. Plus, with my back issues it seemed like every day I was tweaking a nerve or pulling a muscle.  I was sad, unhappy and felt like I was just a walking body of jiggly fat, I rarely left the house because I couldn’t find anything comfortable to wear. I thought ‘oh my gosh, how did I get this big…. Am I just all fat now?” I would think about doing small at home workouts because “I’m too big to go to a gym…” but I never got around to doing it… home was my safe place.

It was just excuses… to keep myself from changing for the better. Humans have a hard time with change, but most times change is necessary.

The first step to weight loss is deciding you are ready to face yourself.

Getting to that stage is your first challenge altogether. You cannot wait until the stars align to be ready… You MAKE yourself ready. You must face that fear and decide to make that change. Only you.

None of us were confident when we decided to start our first challenge either- I was scared I would fail again, doubtful of results even if I put in the work, worried it would be a waste of effort for an emotional rollercoaster… Does any of this sound familiar to you?

I accepted the challenge…because if I waited any longer, I would have kept adding on the weight and digging myself into a hole. It was an endless cycle of feeling bad about myself, which lead to bad habits, which made me overweight which made me feel bad about myself… over and over. If I waited any longer who knows how deep the hole could have been before I finally decided I was ready to start….

Then when I did start…The challenge wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. I learned quickly my nutrition needed support and my muscles just needed some TLC- they were used to performing mom tasks- laundry, dishes, vacuuming….

I noticed I had a body under what I thought was fat… Oh believe me, there was fat too, but I started to see what my body looked and felt like after exercising. It felt SO GOOD to see myself again. The real me, the me before kids and marriage, the me that used to have a great time going shopping for clothes.
After joining my first challenge I did another, and another and another…. 3 months later I was walking around at a confident & glowing 158lb, down from a depressed 183lb.

Fitness & weight loss challenge

The most important thing I learned from the challenge was that I was not an entire body of fat.

I have learned that weight loss has 2 sides, physical and mental.
The mental change is the most beneficial and useful tool you need to lose weight.
I discovered that I had muscle, bone, water and tissue inside my body… That might seem silly but how many times have you stepped on a scale and added ‘OF FAT’ after you read the number?

The number on the scale calculates everything in our bodies and when I saw 183lbs my mind would autocorrect to 183lbs OF FAT.  After doing these challenges my mind will never autocorrect again!  I have learned I am not a number of fat. I am muscles, bones and a badass superhero to my husband and our boys.  I am happy now that I can control my weight. I know all the steps to take to hit my goals, and when I hit my goal, I make a new one.

During the challenges my coaches put me on a workout schedule of 3 days a week minimum, my back issues were nonexistent.  All the excuses I would give to my family about why I couldn’t play at the park or run with my kids also became nonexistent.  I became the mom I wanted to be. Now I am free to play and jump and run as much as they want, and I don’t have to make either of us sad. All thanks to my first challenge. I highly recommend to you to take your first challenge. It will change your life and open a whole world of possibilities. 

You can be a Superhero to yourself and your family too.

We have our Superhero Challenge that started on Monday, 9/26 we are keeping enrollment open until Wednesday night, 11:59PM.
Originally this program is $799, but we are currently offering it for only $200 when you sign up with a membership. 

If you are on the fence…
Think about this…. pay $200 now, or gain 80lbs later? Your choice. 
Do it, we are all here with you and so many have jumped in for the first time too, you will not be alone. 

If you tried to miss it because you were too scared to try it… I am on to you, because I’ve been there before.
We will have a coach for you, there is only 3 spots left…

I encourage you, if you related to any part of this story- enroll now and let us help you learn how to lose weight.  All of us have a story at BestHour, and I know you have one too- there is no person too big for our challenge. Our facilities are a strict #NoJudgementZone. We are unlike traditional gyms. Our Fitfam is one of the most welcoming and supportive you will find in the area, and the best part is we truly care about you and your goals. When you have a goal, we all have a goal.

We call this special program; Superhero Training Camp, it started on Monday 9/26 but will be keeping enrollment is open through Wednesday at 11:59PM PST. There is still time to train with us, this is our last 8 week program for the rest of the year, imagine how much deeper the hole will get if you wait..

Don’t wait any longer, this is your sign right here- enroll right now.

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