2022 Total Body Transformation Challenge

Get back in the best shape of your life!

Welcome to 2022 and with it comes a fitness challenge like no other! This is your chance to up your fitness program, regardless if you’re seeking to pack on more muscle or trim down body fat, this program will help you create the healthy habits to get 2022 off on the right foot.


  • Choose 3, 6 or 12 weeks! We call this the 2022 #NoExcuses challenge for a reason. You pick your duration. 
  • Cash Prizes will be awarded in the 6 & 12 Week Challenge, and for the first time we will have both a Men’s and Women Category, with 1st, 2nd & 3rd place prizes in each category. 
  • Prestige Labs is also awarding $150 to the Man and Woman for the best overall transformation over the 12 weeks, who used Prestige Labs Supplements during the challenge. 
  • Our MyCoach App will give you access to our “Private Challengers” Group, #BestHour Meal Plans and Clean & Simple Meal Plans, Educational Materials and a private messenger system to help you get quick answers to questions you have during the challenge. 
  • Accountability Boards will be in each studio to help keep everyone focused and motivated during this challenge. 
  • Registration is open through 1/20/2022
  • Pre Season (Challenger Prep) Starts on 1/11/22
  • Challenge Starts on Monday, 1/17/2022
  • 12-Week Challenge ends on 4/10/2022
  • 6-Week Challenge ends on 2/27/2022
  • 3-Week Challenge ends on 2/6/2022

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Which is the right program for you? Of course, it depends on your goals. The longer the challenge, the bigger the transformation. Every person is different, so we won’t attempt to generalize the results. We can tell you, if you want to lost 25 or more pounds, this is very doable over the 12-weeks. If you want to pack on more muscle and definition, this is very doable. 

The BEST Way to think about this Challenge is to think of it as a 3-week challenge that will repeat 4 times. We will monitor your weight, bodyfat%, subcutaneous fat%, visceral fat index and skeleton muscle mass every 3-weeks. 

This is our 2022 #NoExcuses Challenge, our hope is to see 100% of our clients sign-up. Pick the program that is right for you. Our Fitness Kickboxing Challenges work. Join your friends and focus on your nutrition and workouts for the next 12-weeks and post some amazing AFTER photos! 


Requirements for the Award Pin

Participants in the 6 Week and 12 Week Challenge will be eligible for the Award Pin and Lanyard as long as they meet the following requirements:

  1. Complete an average of 3 kickboxing classes per week. In-Studio, Zoom and On-Demand all count.
  2. Complete 3 Hollywood Pump Videos and 3 Markie Mark Ab/Core Workouts on average each week
  3. Avoid Alcohol, Sugar (Candy, Soda, Coffee Creamer, etc.) & Most Breads
  4. Eat clean, following #BestHour Meal Plans, Clean & Simple, Shawn Stevenson Eat Smarter or your own nutritionist approved plans.
  5. Keep Track of the Water you drink and agree to drink a minimum of 1/2 your body weight in ounces.
  6. Get enough protein each day, based on the ADA High Range of the protein calculator.
  7. Weigh in BEFORE & AFTER the challenge and EVERY 3-WEEK check-in.
  8. Complete your Finisher Post in your studios VIP Group. Follow the outline detailed in MyCoach. 

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