6 Reasons to love our Fitness Kickboxing program

YH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7As the owner of the number one fitness kickboxing studio in the world, I often get asked what makes our #BestHour Kickboxing studios different than other gyms. I hear it from other gym owners, but I love the question, even more, when it comes from potential members. While it’s easy for people to start up a new fitness regimen, the hardest part is actually sticking with it. That is especially true now (with the COVID-19 experience) more than ever.

As humans we have “free will” and that means, we can quit at any time for any reason. That is why so many gyms are crazy busy in January and come March, they’re empty again. Let’s say you’ve been exercising steadily for a month during winter. Then the sun comes out. You decide it’s too nice and just don’t feel like working out. You skip your workout and convince yourself that it will be fine if you miss your workout just this one time. That’s how it starts. If you’re not careful, one day can turn into multiple days, and then you discover you haven’t worked out in two weeks! Yes, you quit.

The trick to working out consistently is to make it something that you look forward to doing. What if you knew someone was going to miss you? That is why so many people have traded in their gym membership and joined #BestHour, they love our team and our community. Exercising at gyms can feel very solitary but being a part of a class helps provide a positive, community environment that can make working out less lonely.

Read below to see why Group Fitness kickboxing classes are the best way to keep you exercising consistently.

1. You have someone to motivate you — without paying extra for a personal trainer.YH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

If you have ever purchased a “Personal Trainer” package at your gym, you know that it’s nice to have someone who will push you. Great trainers will change your program every 21 days and will push you even when you’re not in the mood. The problem is, great trainers are expensive, expect to pay $50 to $150 per session. Ten to fifteen sessions a month will set you back $1,000+ easily. This is where Group Fitness classes shine, but if you’ve ever taken a Group Zumba or Spin class at your local gym, it lacks any degree of personal attention.

Unlike these Group Fitness classes, you’ll find within big box gyms or the community center, our Group Fitness kickboxing classes have multiple instructors on the mat helping our members. Our instructors work hard to know your name, understand your goals, and help you improve your technique. You can count on our instructor team to motivate you to get you back in the best shape of your life. They will become your biggest fan while also helping you improve your technique each and every class. Our team will be there to cheer you on during class and will be so excited to see your progress and achieve class milestones.

2. You can stick to a set schedule.

Sometimes, we can talk ourselves out of going to the gym so well that we should get a medal for it. Our lives are busy, and we come to the conclusion that we just don’t have enough time to make it there today — or the following day, and so on. By engaging in Group Fitness kickboxing classes your workout routine is on a schedule set up by us, which means that, instead of creating your own workout timeline, you already have one set. We offer classes as early as 5:30 AM and as late as 7:45 PM Monday thru Friday and classes on Saturday and Sunday. Our latest schedules can always be found online. Here are the schedules for Federal Way and Kent. Once you build your routine around our 40+ scheduled classes each week, you won’t have to think about when you’re going to exercise. In fact, many of our members love our 5:30 AM class because they like having their workout done for the day and like the feeling of accomplishment they have for the rest of the day knowing they got their “Me Time” in.

3. You will make new friends.


When exercise becomes a source of friendship and social interaction, it will motivate you to show up consistently. This is one of the best ways to make sure that you keep working out. You will want to see your friends from your kickboxing class, which means you will also want to go to class. You may meet your friends at a typical gym, but with everyone plugged into their music, it is impossible to actually meet new friends. It’s the complete opposite in our studios. You will make friends, a lot of new friends. You will arrive at class fifteen minutes early to grab a bag. During that time our instructors are saying hello and introducing you to others around you. This makes our classes fun and more intense because when the person to your left and right is working hard, it motivates you to work harder. In our studios, it is not uncommon for members to organize events outside the studio, such as 5ks and the Warrior Dash. Your life will be richer from the friendships you will gain from stepping on our mat. You can’t put a price tag on that.

4. You are expected to show up.

Once you’ve been taking our Group Fitness kickboxing classes for a while, you will start to realize that people notice when you are not there. Whether it is friends you meet in the studio or our instructors, they will wonder where you are if you don’t show up. Of course, things come up in our schedules that we can’t help, but, if your reason for not going to class is that you just don’t feel like it, people will take note of that. They like having you there, and you become part of the workout family, so others look forward to seeing you there. One of the reasons we post class photos, in our private Facebook VIP group, for every class is to make it easier for people to get to know the other members in the studio. It’s not uncommon for people to check in on you in the VIP group to see when you’ll be back on the mat. Our instructors will also note if you have been gone for more than a week and will call or text you to check in with you and nudge you to get back on the mat and back into your routine.

5. Everything is planned for you.

The great thing about Group Fitness kickboxing classes is that you don’t have to worry at all about what to do. The main instructor is there to lead you through the class. We change the class plan every single day, meaning the warm-up, bag rounds, and partner rounds change every single day. We also change the music and have several instructors who rotate each day. This keeps our classes from becoming stagnant, and you will see better results because of the variation. Unlike the gym, you will not have to spend one minute planning your workout, finding a workout partner, or deciding what music you want to listen to. All of this is handled for you.

6. It’s never boring.

YH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7One of the biggest buzzkills of working out is utter boredom. How many times have you been stuck on a treadmill counting the minutes until you are done? It can become mundane, especially if you do it every time you go to the gym. Boredom can definitely encourage you to find excuses for avoiding workouts, but our Group Fitness kickboxing exercise classes are anything but dull. We hold monthly theme nights where our instructors play “Guest DJ” to spice up the music while you workout. We hold monthly contests and 21-day and 6-week challenges to help you focus on your workouts and nutrition for a set amount of time. Each month we change it up to help keep you engaged.

In conclusion….

Six great reasons why people love our classes. If you have never tried Kickboxing before, please check out our beginner kickboxer deals at https://mybesthour.com/deals

I’ll see you, on the mat.


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