It’s true, that professional fighters are in the best shape, they are lean, strong, and confident. They have the endurance to go the rounds. We help ordinary men and women get in great shape, fast. Our classes are efficient, you will easily burn 500 calories during a class while having fun.  Our workouts are next-level challenging. Boxing, plyometrics, and body-weight exercises are fused into one high-intensity interval-training (HIIT) session that works your full body and mind. And since we’re non-combat, we’ll get you in fighter’s shape without the fight!


When you sign-up to take your first class, we’ll schedule an extra trainer to come in and be by your side during the whole class. We call it the VIP experience and people love it! It’s one of the reasons we get so many 5-star reviews on Facebook and Google.  Think of it as a private session within an active class, people rave about it!

We know most people are nervous during their first kickboxing class, so we go the extra mile to remove any fear you may have by assigning a member of our instructor team to your bag during your first class. They will stay with you the whole time and teach you all of the basic punches and kicks we do in class. You will make a new friend and have a blast and you will certainly feel like a true VIP in our Federal Way and Kent locations! Your time is valuable, which is why we’ll make the most of it with your own trainer. For less than the cost of a massage you’re going to become a kickboxer.

Beginner Class

Come in and take a class with us. We'll provide the gloves and our trainer will check on you throughout class.
$ 50
  • Experience your first kickboxing class
  • We'll provide loaner gloves

VIP Beginner Bundle

This is a great way to learn kickboxing, by having your own instructor by your side during the whole class!. Includes Gloves by Century Martial Arts.
$ 80
  • Beginner Class with your personal trainer
  • Gloves By Century Martial Arts

VIP Beginner Bundle for 2

Experience your first kickboxing class with a friend. Each of you will receive your own pair of boxing gloves from Century Martial Arts, the ability to take your first class together with a trainer working with both of you.
$ 130
  • A Trainer will be assigned to you and your friend
  • You'll both be able to take the same class time
  • Gloves By Century Martial Arts (2 Pairs)
2 People

Not sure exactly which plan is best for you?

We love to help, give us a call at 206-486-0797