2 or More Beginner Packages

Get Fit with a Friend! Kickboxing for 2, 3, 4, 5, or more people is now available!

Over the past 5 years, we have created our “Client Success Model” to help people get in the BEST shape of their life. It starts with creating a positive, friendly environment. Our clients have made lifelong friendships in our studio. 😊
We are seeing more and more friends, couples, and families walking in to learn kickboxing together. When people come in together, they increase their success rate by 80% while creating the needed new habits and structure to be successful in our fitness program. Plus, they have the added benefit of creating memories and some very cool, badass photos for their social media accounts.

Two Beginners per class

We bring an extra trainer on the mat to work with our beginners during our regularly scheduled fitness kickboxing classes, held 35 times a week in our studios. (see https://MyBestHour.com/book).  You can purchase and book your class for you and a friend right now using our online member portal.  Click here for more details

What about three or more beginners?

When you want to have more than two people in your first class, we prefer to schedule you a private class during a time the studio is not in use. Please contact us at (253) 313-5768 for details. 

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