The #BestHour Fitness Challenge


#BestHour Kickboxing has been perfecting our fitness challenges for the past several years. We combine our award-winning full-body fitness kickboxing classes with a  guided nutritional program that has proven to not just help our clients lose stubborn body fat but also build strength and confidence. Challenges allow our clients to focus on fitness and nutrition, along with establishing routines that turn into healthy new habits. We would love to tell you more about it.



We’ve been designing challenges for our clients for the past four years. We run challenges across both locations to tap into the power of the #BestHour community and help our clients find accountability buddies to help them earn the Award Pin. Our clients participate in our challenges because our challenges are highly effective at reducing body fat and building lean muscle while teaching them better habits and routines that will last well after the challenge is over. It’s not unusual to see someone give up soda or bread during a challenge and never eat it again. Challenges can be life-changing experiences if you go all in and want to get healthier. Replacing BAD habits with GOOD habits is the path to a healthier lifestyle where you feel good in your clothes, have more energy, gain strength and build more confidence.

Let's Talk!

Hey guys, our Federal Way and Kent WA locations are getting ready to start our next 28-day (4-Week) challenge this Monday! I’m Joshua Moore the Co-Founder of #BestHour Kickboxing and I am doing something CRAZY to promote my two studios! How would you like to attend my locations for free? I’ll also toss in a nutrition coaching session and a free personal training session with me to ensure your first kickboxing class is amazing and fun! I have 15 spots I’m offering local residents available for people who want to BEAT the Challenge and get it for FREE! Are you up for the challenge? These are Fun Workouts For Any Level, The World’s Simplest Meal Plan, & Accountability that actually works.

Drop Body Fat

Most of us want to tone up, which means losing body fat. Our challenges give the body time to release stubborn fat and replace it with muscle which burns more calories for future success.

Nutrition Coaching

Cravings for sugar, alcohol, bread and other high carb foods are NO JOKE! This challenge will get you past it.
We had clients use our challenges to get off man made food & never return.


Healthy Routines are a result of injecting disciplines like a kickboxing schedule and following meal plans. This challenge will help you create new routines that will leave you feeling fantastic.

Champion Mindset

Our Challenges will test you. Your mind will be taught to take control over your body to incorporate a healthy lifestyle that includes eating clean and kickboxing on a regular basis.

The Science and Secret behind our sucessful challenges

Challenges are a part of our culture. New habits don’t come easy, that is why we call this a challenge. One thing is for certain when you finish it, you will feel unstoppable!

#BestHour Meal Plan

We’ll help you better understand nutrition and the difference between Protein, Fat, Carbs and Veggies, how much to each and the changes per meal. 

Private Fitness Challenge Group

You will be added to a Private Group with our coaches and instructors to ensure you have the support you need with nutrition and accountability the 23 hours/day you are NOT in our studios. 

You will make friends and these friends will become your cheerleaders and your accountability buddies. Surround yourself with people who share your desire to get healthy.

What are Challengers are saying...

What I got out of this Challenge was much more than I expected, some physical but most important was the mental piece. I went into the Challenge not really expecting anything massive, maybe a pound or two. I lost over 3.5 inches in my waist, the pictures don't lie.
Kickboxer Jennifer
Jennifer T
If I’m being completely honest, I was disappointed with what I saw on the scale but my waistline says otherwise! I am just going to attribute the weight gain to muscle gain 😅 This challenge helped me get my nutrition back on track and get my workouts done consistently.
Kickboxer - Joanne
Joanne P
Federal Way
With this challenge, I wanted to really focus on my diet since that's always been my biggest struggle. So, I increased my protein intake and decreased my carb intake while also being more mindful about the foods/portion size I consume. I learned that saying, "abs are made in the kitchen" really is true!
Regina V
There were some days that were hard to get it done, but I look at all these posts and are inspirational. My clothes at first were fitting a bit snug than normal but now are comfortable and feel more confident in myself. Challenges help me focus on my kickboxing schedule and dial in my nutrition.
Kickbox Claire
Claire C
Federal Way

Studios Located in Federal Way and Kent, Washington


At #BestHour Kickboxing we are more than a fitness studio that uses Kickboxing to help our clients get back in the best shape of their life. We have built a strong community of kickboxers who enjoy using Challenges to push their physical and mental fitness to new levels. You will see and feel the difference when you come in and take your first class. The vibe is POSITIVITY and ACCEPTANCE. We welcome everyone, every fitness level, every ability, every shape, and size. We help ordinary people develop a CHAMPION MINDSET by offering short-term fitness challenges where they focus on fitness and nutrition that delivers noticeable results in just a couple of weeks.  It all starts with you. You have to make a decision to start. We can make it easy by giving you a structured program to get you back in the best shape of your life, you just have to make a decision to start.