Best Fitness Location in Federal Way, WA 98003


Thank you Federal Way for the 4th Year in a row! Best Fitness Facility!

It’s a true honor to be named the BEST Fitness Facility, Best Fitness Location in Federal Way, WA. This award makes it our 4th year in a row (2019, 2020, 2021 & 2022). Our team appreciates the recognition by our clients, past and present. Our focus is on our fitness clients by creating a fitness community consisting of like-minded individuals who desire to stay healthy through fitness kickboxing.


We asked our clients to share why they love our fitness facility in Federal Way, WA. Here are some of the things we heard over and over again:

  1. ACTUAL RESULTS – Our clients see visible results in as little as 10 days. Many of our clients lose 10 pounds in about 21 days. That is because in each fitness kickboxing class you are punching and kickboxing a 220-pound free-standing bag. This means we’re working your upper and lower body in each and every class. A true full-body workout.
  2. BEST TRAINERS – We spoil our clients, all they have to do is show up on time and be ready to sweat. Our trainers have everything planned. The workout changes every day so does the music. We mix it up and keep it fresh. This keeps it fun and if you have fun when you workout you’ll exercise more often and amazing results will follow.
  3. NUTRITION COACHING – Each of our clients receives a free Nutrition Coaching session with our certified nutritionist. We will educate you on food choices with personalized recommendations designed for you.
  4. BEST COMMUNITY – Our clients have gone “all-in” on creating a fitness community that welcomes all fitness levels, abilities, shapes, sizes, and ages (13 and older). They lift each other up! They first bump after a round, they connect and congratulate each other on completing a class. 


To celebrate the win, we’re inviting you try our kickboxing program in either of our studios. We’ve created a great offer which includes spending an hour with one of our trainers to learn all of the basic punches and kicks we perform in our fitness kickboxing classes. All for just $20.00. All you have to do is click on the link below and make an appointment. Space is limited and this offer will not be active for long, so please reserve your spot today. 

Jessica Moore

As a former SAHM I wanted to share my journey as inspiration and encouragement to help other moms get fit and healthy. I started kickboxing as a member of Besthour in 2021 and became Social Media Manager for BestHour Fitness in 2022.

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