#BestHour 2021 Toy Drive

#Besthour Kickboxers help Santa by donating over 100 toys!

Kickboxers Norma Escobar and Angie Johns spent the day gathering all of the toys are members donated for the 2021 Christmas Toy Drive.
We teamed up with local fire stations in Federal Way and Kent WA to make sure the toys go to families in need and stay in the communities we serve.
Norma and Angie collected all the toys and loaded their SUV sleigh ride with toys and then set out to visit Kent Fire station #76 and Federal Way fire station #62.
The look on the faces of the firemen and firewomen was priceless as they watch all the toys pour out of their car! They were so happy, and thankful! 
A special thank you to the staff, members and to Norma and Angie for helping us make this happen. It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!
Once again THANK YOU!! BestHour FitFam ❤️‍🔥


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