Kickboxing Sparring is a great way to exercise the MIND and the BODY. It doesn’t matter how many kickboxing classes you have taken against our 220 pound free-standing Wavemaster bags, the minute you strap on gloves and shin pads, to try a roundhouse kick against a moving target, your brain turns to mush and you feel like a beginner all over again.  And that, my friends, is why so many of our clients love our #BestHour Fight Club.

Training Stages

Fight Club is a 18-week program, broken into three distinct courses of six classes with each class lasting 60-minutes.  We sell a package of six (6) classes you can use over an eight (8) week period, so if you miss a week, no problem.

  • Fight Club 100 is an introduction to Sparring. Punches to your partner’s gloves, kicks are to shin guards, about 50% speed.  It’s so safe we don’t even require mouth guards. You will focus on technique, coordination and balance. 
  • Fight Club 200 introduces introduces live sparring techniques, working your ability to react and adapt to live situations, as well as sharpening all of your basics.
  • Fight Club 300 takes it to the next level by bringing out your very own creative fighting style, and getting deeper into live sparring your teammates to sharpen your skills.
Clients are NOT required to advance to the next level. Many find the mental and physical stimulation of Fight Club 100 perfect for them and add it to their normal Kickboxing schedule by swapping out standard class each week with Fight Club 100. 

Fast Paced Bag Rounds Keep You Moving

Meet Co-Founder Joshua The Rainmaker, an undefeated amateur fighter. The Rainmaker brings his year of experience in and out of ring to transform moms, dads, brothers and sisters into CHAMPIONS. 

You will love his friendly and welcoming personality who lives the #BestHour life. He is lean, powerful with exceptional technique. You are training with the BEST and will be in awe when you get to train with him. 

As you can see from this video these classes are designed to meet everyone at their fitness and kickboxing level and bring them along the improvement journey. Learning REAL Kickboxing has never been more fun or more rewarding. 

Each class in each series builds on the previous class


Check out this Flight Club 100 round

Step inside our studio in Federal Way to observe one of our Kickboxing rounds. As you do, be sure to notice:

  • People having fun! You will see people smiling during the round because they are fun! There is no dozing off in these classes, you have to pay attention!
  • People are burning a ton of calories. You’ll see a glance of our heart rate monitor on the wall, feel free to pause the video and check out the calories and heart rate levels. This is an effective workout!
  • All shapes, sizes, fitness levels and abilities. Our kickboxing studios welcome everyone. You will make friends here. 

A positive and fun way to learn advance kickboxing


These are small group classes where you will learn directly from co-founder Joshua The Rainmaker.  We recommend you join Fight Club once you have completed 15 or more kickboxing classes. No waiting, purchase the pass and reserve your class.


Join Fight Club 100

Package of 6 classes
$150 to $250 Non Members $250, Members $200, VIPs $150
  • Package 6 Flight Club 100 Classes
  • Classes Held on Monday @ 7:45 pm
  • Learn Advance Kickboxing techniques
  • Work the MIND & BODY. Get in great shape
  • You have 8 weeks to complete your 6 classes
Starts here