Fully Body Workout

Each 60 minute class is designed to work every single muscle in your body. Unlike the typical gym workout, we focus on upper and lower body and always include your core conditioning.


We incorporate High Intensity Interval Training (HiiT) in each of our 60 minute classes. This program is designed to get you physically fit fast, while improving your overall health and mental wellness.

Reduce Stress

Each class includes 6 rounds of Kickboxing. Each round is 3 minutes with a one minute rest period. These bag rounds increase in intensity with each new round. After six rounds, your stress level will be greatly reduced.

Monthly DJ Nights

Each month we host a live DJ night in the studio where a guest DJ will spin the music and increase the energy in the studio. These are fun events designed to put a smile on your face. Check out our photo albums to see more.

Monthly Challenges

Each month we run a new challenge to keep you motivated. Our 21-Day and 6-Week Challenges are designed to help you focus on completing workouts and nutrition.

State of the Art Sound

Our state of the art "Night Club" quality sound system will get you moving while pushing you to get in one more kick and one more punch before the bell rings.