Feel better, lose body fat and jump start your fitness program in just 21 days

YH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7We have been creating fitness challenges since 2016 and boy have we learned a lot over the past five years. We just concluded our first six week challenge for 2021 with over 70 of our clients competing for $850 in CASH prizes. The competition was so fierce, we gave away an additional $250 in prizes to 10 more clients. 

Our fitness challenges boast a ton of benefits, from motivation, accountability, education, and coaching… to the more obvious benefits of setting goals and focusing intently on your nutrition and kickboxing classes for the duration of the challenge.  We run 21-day and 6-week challenges and like to mix them up to keep people motivated.  Our next challenge is starting July 5th and will be a 21-day Challenge. A short sprint to take us into August. If you have never participated in a fitness challenge, this is your sign to jump in and let us show you the ropes!

5 Reasons to participate in a Fitness Challenge

Most people have never taken a fitness challenge so it is understandable why you would be hesitant or nervous. Our fitness challenges are BEGINNER friendly. Here are some of the reasons you should join ours:

  1. Motivation: the obvious one – how hard is it to get back into a routine focusing on fitness and nutrition after 2020? There’s nothing quite like a Fitness Challenge to help you refocus and break out of bad habits. Being accountable for your kickboxing classes means that you have a reason to make it to the studio, and you know your fellow Challengers will notice if you don’t make it! Challenges give you purpose and help you set goals.
  2. Community: we have an amazing community of clients who lift each other up during our challenges and help people CRUSH their goals. Plus, you will make friends. Getting through a few tough classes together is a sure way to make a buddy. It’s going to happen and those new friends will help you succeed. Isn’t it time you surrounded yourself with people working to improve their physical and mental fitness? 
  3. Great Coaching: nothing quite like some professional advice to help get faster results from what you have been doing on your own. Our team of instructors will help you become awesome kickboxers and they will give you the tools (e.g. meal plans, education, coaching) to dial in your program so your body shreds fat – fast! Our instructors also serve the role of Accountability Coaches in helping you stay focused on your goals as life tries to distract you from reaching your goals plus it helps us cheer you on all the way to the finish line.
  4. Plan, Structure, and Execution: We will show you how to be successful, from scheduling your classes so you have your #MeTime locked in, to working with you on your nutrition goals (teaching you about Protein, Carbs, and Healthy Fats) and show you which supplements will actually speed up your results. We add visual accountability boards in each of our locations to keep you focused on your class goals. And because we offer classes in-studio, on-zoom and on-demand, you will have #NoExcused to hit your class goals.
  5. Fitness Challenges are rewarding: you will feel a rush of pride when you complete your challenge. This is how we have built a “Champion” mindset within our #BestHour community. In addition to just feeling more comfortable in your clothes, each client who finishes the challenge earns a special AWARD PIN to pin on their #BestHour lanyard to celebrate their achievement. 

We also awarded CASH prizes and they’re nothing to joke about! Here are the 13 people who took home the $ in the last challenge:

    • 1st Place – Mark Simon – $500
    • 2nd Place – Andrea Peterson – $250
    • 3rd Place – Jermaine Razon – $100

The following 10 clients received $25 for their Non-Scale victories:

    • Inspirational Youth – Hayden Simon
    • Goal Shirt – Joshualyn Aquino
    • Toning – Pruly Olson
    • Comeback Queen – Anne Wilson
    • Fountain of Youth – Jan Pedersen
    • Power Couple – Michael & Shellie Coury
    • #MeTime – Cat Almanzor Hancock
    • Confidence – Jennifer Treumer
    • Zoom – Trisha Benda

It’s not always about the scale or the measuring tape. Every client is on their own journey, some want to build strength and endurance, others want to get back to eating healthy and clean. We’ve had clients who have also used our fitness challenges to cut down or eliminate their dependence on soda, candy, and alcohol.  Our challenges are about focusing on your health and fitness for a set period of time, usually, 3 to 6 weeks because that is how long it takes for better habits to set in.

Fitness Kickboxing Challenges in Washington State

You will see results from our Fitness Challenges.

Yes! During our challenges, our clients that focus on trimming down, on average lose around 7 pounds of body fat and trim 3 inches off their waist time.  As impressive as it is, the challenge is transformational in building confidence. Check out what some of our real clients shared.

Andrea P. (June 7, 2021)

  • First goal: 18 classes. Crushed it!
  • Second goal: 24 classes, I did it! 24/24!
  • Lost 13 pounds! 1.5% body fat
  • Trimmed 6 inches off my waist!
This challenge was my first challenge! I doubted myself at times in the beginning but found new strength through this process. The right nutrition and hydration plays a huge role in how I feel and work out.
Balancing life and my health has been an eye-opener. I realized that when those things are out of synch, I am not 💯! I learned that my health IS important and I am l not being selfish when I set time aside for me to work out.
The fit fam has been a huge part of this journey and I appreciate you ALL!! I would not have been able to finish this on my own and you all pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of doing! I am stronger (physically and emotionally) and there is no price that can be put on that.
Cheers, to our journey through this process together!!
Mark S. (June 7, 2021)
  • Weight Loss: -25lbs
  • Inches off Waist: -3″
  • Body Fat Loss: -5.7%
  • Muscle Gained: +9.2lbs
I have enjoyed the challenge, and am happy with the results I have achieved. I am happy we got to do this as a family (Jen, Hayden, and I) and am proud we all finished this together.
I set a goal of 6 classes per week for a total of 36, and I ended up at 39 classes. I pushed hard until the end.
I had my nutrition dialed in, in my head, I felt I should have lost more weight and more inches off my waist. I stuck to the nutrition plan online and had no alcohol, no added sugar, increased my protein, and drank 128oz+ water per day.
I learned 3 things during this challenge:
1-Nutrition is Key
2-Rest days are very important
3-Meal Prepping every week is a must to keep on plan

We would love for you to join us for the next challenge. But first, we want to give you an opportunity to try kickboxing with this great offer.

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Jim Harrer

Jim is the Founder & CEO of BestHour Fitness, Inc - the parent company of #BestHour Kickboxing.

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