Hello Summer – Orange Zone Challenge


Get out your Heart Rate Monitors, it’s time for a free Heart Rate Monitor Challenge!

July 1 – 30th, we’re giving away some swag for the Most Points in the ORANGE ZONE! This is a great opportunity to work with your Heart Rate Monitor and focus on your Heart Rate Zone training. 

This will test your ability to get in the Orange and stay in the Orange! You’ll get 4 Points for every minute spent in the Orange Zone. Compete will others from our Federal Way and Kent, WA studio.


Heart rate monitoring is undoubtedly the latest fitness craze. Often you can spot joggers on the street so consumed in the state-of-the-art equipment plastered on their wrist that they risk running into the middle of oncoming traffic. Or you visit a tech-savvy fitness facility with heart rate metrics displayed on a screen, and the users are too busy watching the pretty colors fluctuate that they lose sight of what that data truly means.

Put aside the fact that strapping a nifty, high-tech device on your body makes you look the part. At the end of the day, looks only go so far. It’s how you interpret the information the device gives you that will facilitate internal body changes at the cellular level. Only then will you experience external changes.

#BestHour Fitness invested in placing the latest high-tech beacons in our studios in Federal Way and Kent, WA so our Kickboxers could get instant access to their current Heart Rate and Calorie Burn while understanding exactly what Heart Rate “Zone” they are in. 

Zones represent the percentage of your “Max Heart Rate” which is calculated as 220 minus your age. So a 50-year-old max heart rate would be estimated at 170. The Orange Zone is 80 to 89% of 170 or a current heart rate of 136 to 151.


HRM ZONES for fitness

As you’ll notice from each of the “Zones”, your body is burning calories, regardless of the Zone.  If you want your body to primarily burning fat as a fuel source, most experts agree that you should stay in the Yellow and Orange zone as much as possible during your workout.  It’s normal to think the “Red” zone is best, because it burns the most calories, however when you exercise in a RED zone, you will burn more glycogen, or stored carbohydrates as your main energy source, using less fat, nevertheless, your total caloric burn is much greater. 

For this challenge, we will focus on points earned in the Orange Zone. Each Kickboxer will get 4 points for every minute of Orange. Our software will track it in seconds, then convert it. So this means if you go into the Orange zone for 25 seonds, then go into any other color, as soon as you return to the Orange zone again for 35 seconds you will be awarded the 4 points.

We have a live leaderboard that updates after every class, so you can check to see where you stand. Fun right?

If you don’t have a Heart Rate Monitor, we have them for purchase in our Pro Shop. We have both Chest (a strap goes around your chest) or Arm (goes around your forearm) versions. 



No other studio focuses on challenging our members in fun ways to motivate them to crush their fitness goals. To learn more, please visit https://MyBestHour.com

Jim Harrer

Jim is the Founder & CEO of BestHour Fitness, Inc - the parent company of #BestHour Kickboxing.

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  1. Elaine

    Is this challenge only for in studio classes? Can we participate if we are zooming?

    1. Jim Harrer

      Hi Elaine, You can totally participate 100% via Zoom. We have several members who do. – Jim

  2. Brandy Polley

    Iim in the orange zone most of my workouts so I’m loving this information. I thought I was not going hard enough because I don’t get into the red slot no matter how much I push ..so I appreciate this info.

    1. Jim Harrer

      Thanks for the feedback. A lot of people have issues getting in the RED Zone, that is ok. In many cases, it means your heart is very healthy.

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