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YH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7Benefits of the 6-Week Challenge!

We’ve been designing 6-week challenges for our clients for the past four years. We run challenges across both locations to tap into the power of the #BestHour community and help our clients find accountability buddies to help them over the next 42-days. Our clients participate in our challenges because they are highly effective and reducing body fat during the challenge while setting them with new habits and routines for months and year to come. 42-days to focus on health and fitness. It’s #MeTime!

Drop Body Fat

Most of us want to tone up, which means losing body fat. 42-days gives the body time to release stubborn fat and replace it with muscle which burns more calories for future success.


Cravings for sugar, alcohol, bread and other high carb foods are NO JOKE! This challenge will get you past it.
We had clients use our challenges to get off man made food & never return.


Healthy Routines are a result of injecting disciplines like a kickboxing schedule and following meal plans. This challenge will help you create new routines that will leave you feeling fantastic.

Champion Mindset

Our Challenges will test you. Your mind will be taught to take control over your body to incorporate a healthy lifestyle that includes eating clean and kickboxing on a regular basis.

#BESTHOUR's Spring into Summer 2021 has something for everyone!

Welcome to the Spring into Summer Fitness Challenge. This is our first 6-week challenge for 2021. Our clients have had a lot of success with our 6-week challenges and have found they are the perfect length for focusing on kickboxing and nutrition for 42-days. Good habits start to take around 30 days, so these 6-week challenges are perfect for getting people back on track who have been knocked off their schedule. 

The challenge has two prize categories. The first is body transformation which involves trimming body fat, losing weight, and toning up. $500 (1st), $250 (2nd), and $100 (3rd) in account credits to best body transformations. 

YH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7The second prize category is strength and conditioning, where the focus is on pushing the body to do more. This focus is for our clients who have hit their “goal” weight, therefore want to get stronger and muscles more defined.  The winner of this track will receive a free Private Class for up to 5 people ($150 Value).

Everyone will compete in the challenge to earn the Finisher Award pin, the prizes below are additional awards we’re offering to help keep you focused. 

Body Transformation ($500 1st Place)

24 Classes Req (4 Per Week) Zoom/Demand Count
No Alcohol, Sugar, Bread
The focus is to reduce body fat

The Fit Challenge ($150 Private for 5)

Speed and Agility
Body Toning
The focus is on Strength & Conditioning

Included with the Challenge


Important Dates

  • Open Registration is April 12 to April 26th (Use Coupon Code SAVE20 to save 20% off before April 19th.
  • Challenge Starts on April 26th and finishes on June 6th, 2021 – Just in time for Summer vacations. 
  • Special Challenger Classes will be held in both studios on Saturday May 8th and May 22nd at  1:00 PM
  • Weigh-ins are April 26th to April 28th. Weigh-Outs must be completed by June 9th.
  • Final VIP Post and Finisher Form completed by midnight, June 9th. 

Gain the advantage with these proven supplements from Prestige Labs.

Supplements#BestHour Fitness is an exclusive distributor for Prestige Labs. We pass on the discount we receive to our members because we know the faster you see results, the more motivated and disciplined you will be on these challenges. Prestige Labs created this like for Olympic Athletes who wanted pharmaceutical grade supplements with the purest ingredients, made from quality labs in the U.S. Prestige Labs hires 3rd party inspectors to test the products each quarter to ensure clients are getting EXACTLY what is on the label. 


We have seen clients taking these supplements CRUSH their goals over 6-weeks. We also know they are pricey, even with our ~40% discount on most items. So we have created two types of Challenge Registrations. One is the standard $60.00 challenge registration which gives you everything in the challenge. 

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However, we have also created the Challenge PLUS Registration which will also include a voucher for a free Challenge Tee or Tank and also give you an account credit of 10% for your Prestige Labs orders during the challenge. This credit can be applied toward future tuition or a beautiful pair of Hayabusa gloves or anything else from our Pro Shop.  To receive our ~40% discount, use this special link,

Save 20% if you Register for the Challenge by April 18th!


Register for the Challenge by April 18th and we’ll save you another 20% off at checkout. The Coupon Code is SAVE20. In order to get the 20% off, please enter the Coupon Code while in the cart and click on the checkmark to see the 20% deducted from your total. If you don’t see the deduction, try the checkmark again. Thank you.

Member Challenge Registration

YH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7Two options are available. Our STANDARD Package get you in the Challenge and all the activities in the challenge.

The Challenge PLUS adds the Tee-Shirt plus a 10% Account Credit on all Prestige Labs Supplements purchases. The account credit can be used toward future tuition as Pro Shop purchases, including Hayabusa Gloves.

$60 Challenge Registration$100 Challenge Plus Registration

The CORE and BONUS Requirements Explained.

“If It Doesn’t Challenge You, It Doesn’t Change You” #BestHour

This program is meant to challenge you, and help you see amazing results while improving your daily routines around fitness and nutrition. This will enable you to replace bad habits with healthy habits that will last long after the 42-days. If you follow the challenge you will finish feeling fantastic, both mentally and physically. 

We have broken down the requirements into two categories: CORE & BONUS. In order to receive the Finisher Award PIN and Lanyard, you’ll need to complete the CORE requirements. If you are looking to maximize your results from this challenge, you will also want to include some or all of the BONUS requirements. 

If you have hit your ideal weight, like many of our clients, you’ll want to focus on our optional Fitness Test Challenge in the BONUS section. These bonus materials are designed by our staff to build strength, endurance, and your core. Since muscle weighs more than fat, as your body transforms don’t focus on the weight on the scale, more focus should be on muscle and body fat composition. 

Here are your requirements:

  1. 18 Classes during the challenge. In-Studio, Zoom, and On-Demand all count. This is 3 classes per week. If possible, we strongly suggest you incorporate an additional 30-minute Cardio Blast class into your weekly workout. These Sunday Zoom classes and anytime On-Demand DO NOT require any equipment! Try them!
  2. No Alcohol or added Sugar (Soda, Candy, Coffee Creamer)
  3. Drink 64 ounces of water every day.
  4. Weigh in before your first class for the challenge. Please arrive 20-minutes early.
  5. Wear the EXACT SAME outfit for your BEFORE and AFTER PHOTOS. Same Shirt and Same Pants. Please wear BestHour Apparel or BestHour hand wraps in the photos.
  6. Weigh-out before your last class or before Wednesday, June 9th.
  7. One REST Day per week. Only Stretching, Yoga, Hikes, and Walking, please.
  8. Use #SIS2021 and #BESTHOUR hashtags in all of your accountability posts.
  9. Finisher VIP Post, including results, before after photo (favorite pose is fine), episode numbers of the stretch and code videos you completed, and something you learned about yourself during the challenge by midnight Wednesday 6/9 and must use the hashtags #SIS2021 and #BESTHOUR
  10. All On-Demand videos must have a selfie posted in your VIP Group when your complete it as proof of completion.
  11. When you finish the challenge and weigh-out, please complete this online form 

Here are your BONUS Requirements

  1. Increase to 4 times per week. Use Zoom and On-Demand options if you can’t make it to the studio. Remember we also offer the Cardio Blast classes and videos you can do at home, no bag required.
  2. The special Challenger Classes on Saturdays are optional. They are 60-minute classes designed to push you mentally and physically, however just like with all of our classes, you go at your pace.
  3. Increase water consumption to 128 ounces (1 gal) of water every day.
  4. Add Bread and cookies to the “no”  list. Remove or greatly reduce carbs at dinner.
  5. One On-Demand Stretch Video Per Week (Minimum)
  6. One On-Demand CORE video Per Week (Minimum)
  7. Measure your Protein intake based on how many classes you take each week.
    1. 3x Week – 45 grams per day, every day of the week
    2. 4x Week – 50 grams per day, every day of the week
    3. 5x+ Week – 55 grams per day, every day of the week
  8. Fitness Test Competition
    1. Your beginning Fitness Test must be completed in the studio during week one.
    2. Your ending Fitness Test must be completed in the studio during the final week and before Wednesday 6/9.
    3. Follow the Weekly At-Home Challenges posted in the VIP Group.
    4. One On-Demand Hollywood Pump Video (Minimum Per Week), this has priority over the Stretch and Core videos mentioned above.


  • All posts are in your VIP Group. Please use hashtags #SIS2021 and #BESTHOUR in all posts.
  • You get stickers (Stars) for every class you complete, regardless of the class length. Zoom and On-Demand classes count. For your Zoom and On-Demand classes, please message the Staff in your studio to update your stars if you are 100% remote. 
  • Weigh-ins are 20 minutes before the schedule class times. If you are a Zoom/On-Demand only you should weigh-in on Monday. At a minimum you will need your weight, waist (using the best suck-in method) and before photos (front, front flexing and back flexing). Use a goal shirt (1 size too small) and wear the exact same clothing in your AFTER photos 3 weeks from now. If you have a body fat equipped scale, you should also include whatever starting number your scale reports.  Please take a photo of your scale for both your weigh-in and out. We may ask for it when we do the final judging.
  • Everyone must enter their weight, waist measurements and a pic collage in the BestHour Fitness App. Be sure you are logged into the app (it does log you out for non-use), then click on your photo in the top right, then look for “Transformation Log”. The log must be completed by Wednesday night.
  • We will host an optional (Free) #BestHour Photoshoot at the end of the challenge for those who want to participate. We will also help with weigh-outs and After Photos during this shoot.

The Finisher VIP Post

When the challenge is over, we want everyone who finished the challenge to post in their studio’s VIP Group on Facebook. The reason we do this is to help inspire others to use Challenges to move toward their fitness goals. We never know who we are reaching, but we feel strongly as a community of Kickboxers that this is an important part of our #BESTHOUR culture.

Your Post can be any length and it can be in a narrative (first person) writing style.  It should include:

  • A photo using PicCollage (or similar) app of your before/after photo you like the best. You can choose one photo (as long as it is the same view) or you can post all of your before and after (side-by-side).
  • Please post your before on the left and after on the right when doing side-by-side, it’s also helpful to label them with text (before and after) so there is no confusion. Zoom in from the waist up.
  • Your results. How did you do weight, bodyfat, inches. If you were going more toward toning and firming, then tell us results in a different way, like how do your clothes feel different?
  • What did you learn about yourself during this challenge?
  • The post much include hashtags #SIS2021 and #BESTHOUR so the judges can easily find them.

Zoom and On-Demand Members

  • You can come to the studio for your weigh-in and waist measurements or do it yourself on the honor system. If you come to the studio, please arrive 20-minutes before our scheduled class, even though you are not staying for class, this is the only time we can do it.
  • If you have a Heart Rate Monitor, please use the HRM FIT CLUB App for every workout you do. See – the app is free.
  • After each Zoom class, please ask the instructor to add your sticker to the Accountability Board.
  • If you are doing our on-demand classes, the 30, 45 and 60-minute classes count in the challenge. Cardio Blast classes DO When you complete the on-demand class you must post a selfie in your VIP group as proof of completion with the Hashtags #SIS2021 and #BESTHOUR in your post. Tag @Joshua or @TJ in your post and request a star on the leaderboard. No late entries will count.

Finisher Form

Please direct any additional questions to your instructors, or email

Jim Harrer

Jim is the Founder & CEO of BestHour Fitness, Inc - the parent company of #BestHour Kickboxing.

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