Beginners Welcome

You are one step away from learning how to Kickbox and get back in the best shape of your life! It all starts with our “Beginner Kickboxer Bundle“. This bundle includes a beginner class session with your own instructor by your bag. It is a true VIP session with a member of our instructor team. You will also receive a pair of our #BestHour gloves in this bundle.

This is a great offer.by having your own trainer during your first class, you will feel like a true VIP without the hassle of looking around or waiting for a trainer to come to your bag. And since you’re receiving a pair of gloves in the bundle you won’t have to rely on loaner gloves. 

Here is how to get started:

1. Purchase the Beginner Kickboxer Bundle – here
2. Schedule an Appointment for your first class. An additional friend can also purchase the bundle and join you.
3. Arrive 10-15 minutes BEFORE your appointment time. Please don’t be late, you’ll have to re-schedule if you are.
4. Wear workout clothes, bring a water bottle, and a small hand towel, and a lock for your locker.
5. Have fun.

Schedule your next fitness kickboxing class during any of our standard class times using this reservation link.

We have several programs to help you get started.

  • Never Kickboxed? No Program, try our Beginner Bundle
  • Want to take your first kickboxing class with a friend? Try our 2-Person Beginner Bundle
  • Have you kickboxed before and just want to come back and take a class? Purchase a Drop-in token and then reserve your class and bag.


We make it super simple to see if Kickboxing is right for you. If you are ready to get in the best shape of your life and want to see if Kickboxing is right for you, here is a great deal you simply can’t pass up. Invest $20 to reserve your bag and we’ll assign a trainer to your bag and provide the gloves.  We call it the Beginner Kickboxer Introductory Offer. 




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