Today's Special Offer. Join us in class for only $20.00

We'll provide the gloves and we'll assign you your own trainer to guide you through your first class.

Our Kent WA (98032) location services several communities, like Renton, WA with zip codes 98055, 98056, 98057, 98058 & 98059.

Kickboxing is good for beginners, it will help you build strength, endurance, coordination, and confidence while helping with weight loss. Many of our members like it better than a gym because every workout is a full body workout, engaging every muscle group, resulting in giving you a nice body. 

You'll have a Blast - Guaranteed!

Friendly Atmosphere

We're a non-combat facility which means we'll get you in fighter's shape, without the fight. You will make friends!

See Results Fast!

Every muscle is engaged as you kick and punch our free standing 220 pound bag. Plan to burn 500 calories or more.

Photo Friendly

Our coaches will glady snap a few photos of you with your boxing gloves, today you become a kickboxer!

Personal Trainer

You're never alone to figure it out by yourself. One of our trainers will be helping you in each and every class!

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Doubleheader today with Mark was amazing! The class was full of champions trying to finish our 21 Day Fitness Challenge! These challenges work at keeping us all focused and motivated. All dedicated Fitfam trying to crush their goals was so inspiring and motivated. I’m so happy to be around such a great community #BestHour.. Love it!!
Pruly Olson
Kent, WA
BestHour kickboxing is by far the best workout facility I’ve ever been to! It literally is the best hour of my day! Not just because I get an insane work out and burn over 500 cal at least every time it’s the relationships I’ve built with other clients as well as the instructors! The instructors have so much heart and so much passion to help us in every way they can and it shows in every single class! This is my fit family! And I love them!
Kickboxer Kristy
Kristi Leach
Federal Way, WA
BestHour kickboxing is the place I choose for my total body workout! It’s the place where I burn lots of calories while getting stronger and having fun with an amazing community. I started kickboxing about two years ago, just by curiosity. I would have never thought that I was going to fall in love with it right after my first class. It changed my life in the most positive way, I feel confident about myself,happy,stronger,and healthier! I highly recommend BestHour kickboxing! Come join us and our kickboxing community!!
Norma Escobar
Kent, WA

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Federal Way, WA
1320 S 324th Street, Suite A4, Federal Way, WA 98003
(253) 719-5042

Kent, WA
6719 S 211th Street, Suite 103, Kent, WA 98032
(206) 495-9058