Programs for Family and Teens

We believe that children benefit from physical fitness as a part of their life forever. We have invested a lot of effort to create an environment that imprints a love for physical and mental fitness, nutrition, positivity, appreciation, and recognition that will benefit them for their entire life, regardless of other sports they do.

If children can LEARN the benefit of being in shape, how better they feel physically and emotionally, they will develop better choices for food, sports, and outdoor activities away from the Xbox and Netflix.  

We accept children at age 13 and encourage the parents to attend class with them. We have families, and a parent with their child, like Mother/Daughter or Mother/Son like Angie and Mac. Same with Dads. Especially during the teenage years, taking a class together 2-3 times a week is a great way to stay connected and reinforce the need for fitness in their life, simply because they feel better.

Your kids will kickbox with adults who are passionate and focused getting in and remaining in the best shape of their life. Our studios represent a positive environment that appreciates them making an effort and recognizes achievement, like class milestones.

We started as an fitness kickboxing program for adults who cherish their #MeTime when it’s just them, the bag and heart pounding music with a 500 calorie goal for the class. Allowing children in our studios did not come lightly, simply because we wanted to respect the parents in the studio who wanted to be around other parents to just go all out on the bag and not see unmotivated children going half speed to just get by.

We maintain a very high level of positivity on the mat. It’s critical to delivering the #BESTHOUR experience for everyone. This is our core belief for which we will not bend. So the teens we accept must want to be a part of this experience and be respectful with our trainers and other members. We will treat them with respect and expect the same. 

We will accept teens who want to learn the sport of kickboxing, get in amazing shape and develop a high level of confidence.  We’ll teach them that discipline creates motivation every single day. 

We find the teens who are the most successful are the ones who kickbox with their parents. If the parents are not going to be kickboxing, we strongly recommend they are joined by a friend who wants to do this with them. 

Limited-Time Special for Teens

With our youth losing out on sports and being cooped up homeschooling, we know how important it is to get them moving again. So for a limited time, when the parent signs up for a membership, their teen (13 to 17) can join the program and they will receive a whopping 50% off their membership.  This is our way of helping our families get healthy together. Please note, we have only allocated a few of these 50% off memberships per studio, once they’re gone, we’ll have to establish a waitlist. 

As our children enter their teens it becomes more and more difficult to find these we can do together. The families and Parents who kickbox with their teens find it is a great opportunity to connect two or three times a week and sweat together. In most cases, it is the parent bringing the teen to kickbox, and on more than one occasion we have seen the teen be the one dragging the parents into the studio and getting them to join our fitness challenges.  The photos and memories they create are truly priceless, something they will talk about for years to come and we feel blessed to be a part of their story. 

Start with a Beginner Class for Two

It all starts with our $75.00 Beginner Bundle for Two. You and your teen will receive a pair of our gloves from Century Martial Arts. We will schedule both of you in one of our Group Fitness Classes and assign you your own instructor. You will get to experience our amazing program firsthand together. We'll use your phones to capture some great photos of you wearing your gloves and starting your fitness journey together.
Great Deal

Do we offer kids only classes?

No, our clients bring their kids to kickbox with them, so kids are integrated into all of our programs and challenges. We keep the music clean and the language PC13. Your kids will learn how to exercise around adults in a positive and respectful environment.

Do Parents need to stay during class?

Ideally, we would like the parents to take the classes with their kids. However, when that isn't possible we do allow for drop off once they purchase a full membership. While they are on a trial, the parent must observe the class so the instructor can talk with them if necessary. In this case, our instructors make the final call if your child is ready to kickbox without parent supervision.