Kicksmas – A 14 Day Fitness Kickboxing Challenge

The Last Challenge of 2021 - Let's make it EXTREME!

In just a couple of weeks, we’ll be saying GOODBYE to 2021 and cheering on 2022. We couldn’t think of a better time to snick in one last fitness challenge to answer the question, everyone wants to know….

If you bust your butt for 14-days, will see you a difference in your BODY and your MIND?

I totally understand if you want to skip this challenge. You certainly can point to a dozen different distractions and say, “pass!” However, for those of you who go all in and accept this “Extreme Burn” challenge, I promise you, it will change how you use Challenges to crush your fitness goals in 2022.

I can say that because the 11 people who accepted our first Extreme Burn Challenge last August have all experienced an amazing transformation since. Yes, they look amazing, but they are more confident and more knowledgeable about nutrition, foods, and discipline. For those of you who truly want 2022 to be the year to get back in the BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE and reverse the clock so you look younger and feel better, then this 14-day challenge is your early Chrismas gift to yourself. Yes, it’s your early self-gift.

Your REWARD? An exclusive Award Pin for your BestHour Lanyard. Only 11 people have the August Extreme Burn Pin, will you be one who gets Kicksmas 2021?

The Focus for this challenge will be fat. We’ll be looking at body fat and subcutaneous fat which are both measured as a percentage. We will also look at visceral fat which is represented as an index. Your body has two primary kinds of fat: subcutaneous fat (which is under the skin) and visceral fat (which is around the organs). The amount of subcutaneous fat you develop depends on genetics as well as lifestyle factors such as physical activity and diet. People with a large amount of subcutaneous fat often have a large amount of visceral fat.

  1. Body Fat Percentage (%). The body fat percentage is a measure of fitness level since it is the only body measurement that directly calculates a person’s relative body composition without regard to height or weight.
  2. Subcutaneous Fat (%). Visceral fat is a type of body fat that’s stored within the abdominal cavity. If you have some belly fat, that’s not necessarily visceral fat. Belly fat can also be subcutaneous fat, which is stored just under the skin. Subcutaneous fat, the type of fat also found in the arms and legs, is easier to see.
  3. Visceral Fat (index). It’s located near several vital organs, including the liver, stomach, and intestines. Visceral fat is actually inside the abdominal cavity and isn’t easily seen and is often called “active fat”. You’ll learn why we need to start focusing on this more. 

Can we move the percentages and the index in just 14 days, we do believe you can. It will take discipline, focus and you’ll want to invest in some supplements to maximize your results. 


Pre Season will start on December 1st and run until December 5th. During Pre Season you will come in and get weighed in. You will also take your own before photos, either shirtless (for men) or sports bra (for ladies), or wearing a goal shirt (one shirt size too small so we can see your body composition). Please wear the same pants/shorts too for both before/after. It will be totally optional for you to post before/after photos in your finisher’s post. So these photos are on your phone and you and only you will decide to ever share them.  The official challenge will run from December 6th until December 19th. Weigh outs can start when you take your last class or between Dec 20th to Dec 22nd. Your finisher post is due by midnight Dec 22nd. 


The Education – Education is Power

    • You will be required to download our MyCoach Fitness Challenge App which will include daily motivation and educational posts. We’ll use it also to keep in touch with you and your progress. There is no charge for our members, we’re paying for the license fees, all we ask is that you use it as we outline during the Pre-Season (December 1st to 5th). 
    • We want to introduce you to the  Shawn Stevenson Model Health Show podcast and will be sharing a few podcasts to listen to in your car or on a walk. 
    • Protein intake. We want you to use the Protein Calculator to figure out the MINIMUM amount of Protein to take each day, following the high end of the range suggested by the American Dietetic Association (ADA). This will require you to add two Protein Shakes as snacks each and every day. We believe most of our members do not consume enough protein. You will learn why we believe this during the challenge. 

The Work

    • Complete 10 Kickboxing Classes between December 6th – 19th.  Zoom and On-Demand Count
    • Complete 6 Hollywood Pump On-Demand Videos, using a minimum of 10 Pound Dumbbells. Post a selfie in your VIP Group when you complete it.
    • Complete 6 Markie Mark Core On-Demand Videos. Post a selfie in your VIP Group when you complete it.
    • Finisher Post in your studio’s VIP group by midnight Wednesday, December 22nd. Please include the changes in your bodyfat (%), subcutaneous fat (%), and visceral fat (index). Include what you learned from this challenge, inspire someone. Your before/after photos are optional for this challenge. 

The Food and Nutrition

    • You have three options when it comes to meal plans.
      • Follow our standard Meal Plans. This means ZERO carbs for your dinner meal.
      • Follow our Clean & Lean meal plans which outline what you can and can not eat during the challenge. 
      • Follow the suggestions included in  Shawn Stevenson Model Health Show. He recommends no carbs for your breakfast and suggests an eating window of 10 to 12 hours max.
    • Agree to avoid all Alcohol, Bread, Pasta & Sugar (soda, candy, coffee creamer) for 14 days.
    • Keep Track of the Water you drink and agree to drink a minimum of 1/2 your body weight in ounces.
    • Get enough protein each day, based on the ADA High Range of the protein calculator.


It is Free for Members! Former Members who want to do it can purchase a 2-week studio pass for $200… scratch that, I’ll make it $99.00 as an early Christmas gift for the first 5 people to use the link below. Here are the links:

👉 Current Members – Your Free Sign-up is here:
👉 Former Members/Non-Members – Get the $99 punch card here:


Santa versus The Grinch, after each class you will have a chance to vote by adding a sticker to the Christmas tree of your choice. Just another way our team has fun during the holidays. The tree with the most stickers wins and our clients will participate in a fun activity to celebrate the winner. 


Registration for this Challenge is open until midnight, Sunday, December 5th. However, if you commit now, you’ll get access to all of the Pre Season content. There really is no reason to wait, it’s a 2-week challenge, you got this!

Here are the links again:

👉 Current Members – Your Free Sign-up is here:
👉 Former Members/Non-Members – Get the $99 punch card here:

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