New Programs coming in August 2021 – Fight Club and Self Defense for Women

Being the BEST is in our DNA!

I’m excited to expand on some of the new advanced programs we are bringing to our locations to better meet the needs of our clients. Our main focus will continue to be fitness kickboxing and running 21-day and 6-week fitness challenges. These advanced classes are designed to push you outside your comfort zone and introduce you to new experiences like self-defense and sparring. We understand this is not everyone’s cup of tea so we will not be integrating these into our standard class plans, but for those who want to branch out and gain new experiences, these programs are coming in August 2021.

These classes are open to the public, however, existing clients will receive a discount rate. Self-Defense classes are designed to immerse yourself in the experience using a 2.5 hour “experience” where the Flight Club sparring classes use a more traditional 60-minute class format.

Women's Self-Defense Classes in King County#BESTHOUR SELF-DEFENSE SEMINAR

Our new Self-Defense classes will be held in a 2.5 hour seminar format. The series will have three seminars “101”, “102” & “103”. These are Women Only classes, age 16 and older. No Kickboxing experience is required.

The seminars are designed by Tj Wright and Joshua TheRainmaker, in partnership with a local 20+ year martial arts black belt with advanced training in a variety of techniques including Krav Maga, Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Karate, and others.

The “101” class will cover the fundamentals, including all of the basic moves as well as situational awareness lessons. Sessions “102” and “103” will build on the moves we teach you, but will also include drills to help you develop Muscle memory.

The cost for each seminar is $79 for members and $99 for non-members.

These classes will be intense, fun, and full of laughter. This is a great opportunity to sharpen our awareness of personal safety and develop muscle memory with these effective techniques.

Class size will be limited to 20 students. The exact day and time will be polled with the people who sign-up on the waitlist. Classes “102” and “103” will only be open to clients who have completed the previous classes.

There is no obligation if you sign up on the Waitlist, however, it will give you a chance to hear about the actual class details first and be involved in the poll to select the best day and time to hold this seminar.


Fight Club takes Kickboxing to the next level with mitt training and sparing in a safe and fun environment. Each series is a six-week program, starting with Fight Club “101”. These will be hour-long classes. They will be followed by “102” and “103” structured programs designed as building blocks to give you the training and confidence to grow.

This series is designed by Joshua TheRainmaker, and tested on our instructor team. You will learn mitt drills (catching and hitting) and sparing. Shin guards and mouth guards are required, we will carry Century Shin Guards in our Pro Shop for $39.99.

These are really fun and challenging classes. These are new experiences, this program is designed to work you physically and mentally. Your confidence will SOAR and you will LAUGH a lot!

The cost will be $199 for current members and $250 for former members or people with Kickboxing experience.

The people who sign-up on the Waitlist will be polled to determine the exact day and time this advanced class will be held. So if you are seriously thinking about joining us, get on the Waitlist. The class will be limited to 20 people.

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  1. Annette

    Hello! Just wondering when we will hear back if we signed up for the wait list. Thanks!

    1. Jim Harrer

      I’m working on a survey for people on the waitlist, I plan to have it out next week. Thanks for your patience.

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