The August EXTREME Burn (A Difficult Fitness Challenge)

Caution: This 28-day Challenge is EXTREME

August is a terrible time to run a challenge. It’s a time to chill out, go on vacation, or a couple of long weekends. It’s a time to enjoy the balance of summer, enjoy the amazing weather and slow things down. It’s NOT a time for a fitness challenge. I’ll be the first to tell you, it’s ok to pass on this challenge. YOU WILL NOT HURT MY FEELINGS!  It’s ridiculously punishing mentally, full of rules. The Kickboxing requirements are frankly the easiest part of this challenge.

However, if you finish this challenge, I will pay for your membership in September. 

Say what? You read that right, if you do this challenge and follow all of the rules, I will add a credit to your account, equal to your monthly tuition payment.  

This challenge will focus on Fat Loss. It will be super hard and strict. If you have 6-pack abs, congrats, this challenge is NOT for you. Take a break. If you can’t see your abs and you want me to pay your September Monthly tuition, AND you CAN FOLLOW STRICT RULES, then keep reading. You are about to be challenged like you have never been challenged in our studios. This is NOT going to be fun. This is going to be a F#$#** serious attempt to get RIPPED and it’s going to require dedication, accountability, planning, and focus to WIN this BATTLE against FAT! 

Everyone who completes this challenge and follows 100% of the rules, WINS. This contest is against yourself and your ability to finish! This challenge is about your willingness to be accountable to yourself. This is about you putting this 28-day Extreme Burn Fat Loss Battle, front and center, for 28-days. #NoExcuses

You will be asked to use Prestige Labs supplements because we know they work. This will include their Best Sellers Pack and Protein Blend. The Best Sellers Pack will accelerate your body’s ability to burn fat and help with hormone balance. You must take these supplements every day. The added Protein will promote lean muscle growth, increasing fat loss, boost your metabolism and improve cardiovascular health.  

How much total protein should you consume every day? We want you to use this PROTEIN CALCULATOR and follow the range of the American Dietetic Association (ADA). 

This means you will be asked to track your food and water intake. There are several apps for this, I don’t care which you use. MyFitnessPal, LoseIt, and FitBit are all popular. 

You’re still reading? Are you insane? HA HA… Ok, let me break down the rules for you.


  • Hashtag #ExtremeBurn must be included in all social media posts. 
  • You must sign-up by midnight, Wednesday, August 4th. Here is the online form to complete.
  • You will be invited to use a custom coaching app to make it easier for you to follow this challenge. You must be willing to download the MyCoach app and use it daily to check-in with Jim. 
  • Before Photos and Weight Measurements must be taken and recorded by Wednesday midnight. You must wear exactly the same outfit for your before and after photos. If you’re hearing a tee or tank, it must be a “goal shirt” (one size too small) to make it easier to see progress. 3 poses (Front Flexing, Side, and Back Flexing). Men can go shirtless, women may wear sports bras. Please wear #BestHour hand wraps in the photos.  The staff must weigh you in using our scale and take your “best suck-in” waist measurement. 
  • At the beginning of each week, you have required weigh-ins with the staff and share your weight and body fat% with Jim via MyCoach. 
  • Track your food and water intake using an App. Popular apps are  MyFitnessPal, LostIt, FitBit, and others. You must be able to report your daily and weekly Macronutrients (Fats, proteins, and carbs) intake. 
  • Every time you take a class (in-studio, on-zoom, or on-demand) you will are required to either check in on Facebook or check in with Jim via MyCoach. 
  • At the end of the Challenge on August 30th, you’ll have 3 days to weigh out and take your after photos wearing the exact outfit you wore in the before photos, with your #BestHour Wraps
  • You must make a “Finisher’s Post” in your VIP Group with a 6-picture, picture collage. Your photos should be labeled “before” or “after” with the before photos on the left. All these poses must be included, Front Flexing, Back Flexing, Side. 


  • You must complete 20 kickboxing classes from August 2nd to 30th. These can be in-studio, on-zoom, or on-demand. (additional verification rules for on-demand will apply)
  • You must complete 3 Hollywood Pump and 3 (Markie Mark’s Crush your Core on-demand videos EACH WEEK and post in the VIP Group about which video you completed. 
  • You must walk 1-2 miles, twice a week and listen to any episode of Shawn Stevenson Model Health Show. You must post which episode you listened to in the VIP Group or in MyCoach when you completed it. 


  • Absolutely No Alcohol, Bread, Sugar (soda, candy, syrup)  during the challenge.
  • You agree to follow our meal plans. This means zero carbs at dinner!  You can also eat Prestige Labs’ Fresh Made Meals three times a day.
  • Please consume 2 Prestige Labs’ Protein shakes as snacks each day, between meals.  Each container is 24 servings, you’ll need to order two. 
  • You must purchase Prestige Labs’ “Best Sellers Pack” and not miss taking any of these supplements for the balance of the challenge.
  • You must drink a minimum of 1 gallon of water every day.


If anyone decides to do this, I will be checking in with you daily via the MyCoach app. Other fitness clubs sell Accountability Coaching services like this for $100/week or more, so I know this is a great offer. If you have body fat you want to lose, you can get serious about FIGHTING FAT for the next 28-days. It’s totally up to you. If you’re ready, make your commitment by signing-up below.

If not, no worries, enjoy the fun activities Danni has for you every week, and plan on joining us for the next 6-week challenge after labor day, starting September 13th, 2021. 


Jim Harrer

Jim is the Founder & CEO of BestHour Fitness, Inc - the parent company of #BestHour Kickboxing.

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  1. Shannon Jephson-Hernandez

    Clarifying question… 3 TJ AND 3 Markie Mark videos per week Plus 1-2 miles of walking and listening to the podcast… in addition to following rules and 20plus classes.

    1. Jim Harrer

      Yes, the core workouts are short. The Hollywood pump will require more time, I recommend knocking them out by waking up earlier than normal. Feel free to add a Protein Shake after you complete it.

      1. Bridget

        Where are these videos? I have done a search but nothing comes up.

        1. Jim Harrer

          I wrote about several videos and included links, which one can I help you find?

    2. Daisy Roy

      How much does the meal plan and nutrition shakes cost?

      1. Jim Harrer

        Hi Daisy, please click on the product links to be directed to Prestige Labs.

  2. Kristy Leach

    This is crazy but it’s some thing I need to start healing how much does challenge cost??

    1. Jim Harrer

      Only cost is your investment in the supplements and your focus to complete the tasks.

  3. Cherie

    How much for the supplements that we need nothing extra just the supplements required for THIS challenge thanks in advance Jim

    1. Jim Harrer

      From Prestige Labs, you’ll need the “Best Sellers Pack” and “Protein Blend”. For TJ Hollywood Pump you may want to grab some 5 or 10 pound dumbbells available at Dicks, Target or Wal-Mart.

  4. Stephanie

    What is in the “best sellers” pack and what’s the cost for the supplements?

    1. Jim Harrer

      All of the links should be in BLUE lettering and will take you to the Prestige Labs site, and show you the ~40% off discount. Also, when you click on the individual products that are in the bundle, you can watch a video about the products from the PhD who created the blend.

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