The Best Fitness Kickboxing Program on Zoom. Period.


Both of our locations (Federal Way & Kent, WA) are open and operating, offering 35 classes each week in our studio. So that is 70 classes offered each week for our members in the King County area. 45 of the 70 classes are also streamed on Zoom, where our instructors are Mic’d up on the mat and can easily speak to you during class and offer additional instruction or clarifications during class.

We started our Zoom classes when our locations were forced to close, not once, but twice, due to COVID19 Washington State mandates. Many of our Kickboxers started joining us on Zoom in order to stay active while the shelter-in-place orders were given.  We invested in 65 inch TVs in our studios so our instructors could easily see our members on Zoom and upgraded to top-of-the-line cameras and microphones to deliver the best production quality possible over the Zoom platform, admittedly built for video conferencing and not fitness classes. Our team of instructors went to work learning how to make our Zoom classes more enjoyable for our members at home. We’ve invested over 2,000 hours working on our interactive Zoom Fitness Kickboxing program and it shows. We’re seeing more and more people sign up for our Zoom programming who have never stepped foot in our locations.

Try Zoom for one-week and see for yourself.

I’m asked all the time if Zoom will continue once we are back to “normal”. It’s a fair question, my response is, Zoom classes are very much a part of the “new” normal. There are times when members simply don’t want to deal with traffic, jumping on any of our classes via Zoom is a great option. Our 5:30 AM and 7:00 AM class are great options from home, then you still have time to take a shower and start your day without the commute time to and from the studio. It makes sense to incorporate Zoom into your routine when you can. In order for any fitness program to be effective, we need to do it. Our interactive Zoom fitness kickboxing classes truly help with our #NoExcuses culture.

Many of our clients have invested in the same Kickboxing bags we use in the studio. We made them available in our BestHour store and can drop ship them directly to your front door from Century Martial Arts. We even pay for the shipping.  However, many of our clients skip the bag completely and strap on their gloves and follow the class Zumba and Tae Bo style.


Our team also created a “No Bag” required fitness kickboxing program called Cardio Blast. Every Sunday we broadcast Cardio Blast classes and also offer Beginner, Intermediate, and Advance classes in our on-demand library. This makes it possible for our clients to workout anywhere (home or vacation), and anytime they want, without any equipment needed. What makes our on-demand classes “award-winning” is the fact our instructor team actually teaches the class while they demonstrate the combinations at the same time. So you aren’t taking the class alone, the instructor is with you, sweating and burning calories right alongside you.

Try Zoom for one-week and see for yourself.

We will continue to invest and improve our Fitness Kickboxing programming on Zoom. If you are a member of our studio, today we offer a special where every membership we sell includes unlimited Zoom and On-Demand classes. It’s a sweet deal for sure. For those of you out of the area, we do offer a Zoom-only membership plan and we include our on-demand library for free. The nice thing about our Zoom classes is they are all interactive, taught by real Kickboxing instructors who each in our studios where they maintain the sharpest skills and technique. We’ve found instructors who work with clients in our studio deliver exceptional classes over Zoom.

Final thoughts on Zoom

As much as Zoom has helped us all stay connected through a very difficult 2020, we know Zoom falls short of providing that needed human connection.  It’s hard to replace a fist-dump or a glove-tap after a round. It’s hard to replace someone on the next bag pushing you to go to the buzzer.  Stress and depression are real and connecting with people “on-the-mat” serve a purpose too. So that is why we recommend, when possible, that you come in and take a class on the mat also. If you are one of our many kickboxers out of state we recommend you find a family member or co-worker to join you when you’re attending our Zoom class. You will find that human connection will help you hit new calorie burn records.

Welcome to #BestHour Kickboxing Online. To try one-week to see if it’s for you, grab this offer.


Jim Harrer

Jim is the Founder & CEO of BestHour Fitness, Inc - the parent company of #BestHour Kickboxing.

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