The CRUSH-18 Body Transformation Challenge

Six Weeks to focus on healthly habits to improve mind & body!


We use fitness challenges to rally our #BestHour community to focus on health, fitness and nutrition for the next 42 days. It is our time-tested, proven method to improve our mind and body. This challenge starts Monday, September 13, 2021.

This challenge is designed for everyone! You will be asked to take a minimum of 18 classes, avoid alcohol, sugar, and most bread. 

  • Why we love 6-week challenges!

We’ve been running fitness challenges for the past 5 years, so we know a thing or two about them. 42 days is the perfect amount of time to get the mind and body in healthier habits. It doesn’t matter if you need to drop 25 pounds or want to pack on muscle while you trim and tone. You can accomplish a lot in 42-days. 

Here are the challenge requirements:

  • Complete 18 Kickboxing Classes in 6-weeks. In-Studio, On-Zoom, and On-Demand all count. 
  • Complete each one of the Hollywood Pump “On-Demand” (total of 3) classes over the 6 weeks. These are 30-minute strength classes.  You can do these from the comfort of your home. No gear is required. 
  • Complete each of the six Markie Mark on-demand “Crush your Core videos” over the 6-weeks. These are 5-6 minutes, no equipment is needed. 
  • Complete your weigh-in, measurements, and “before” photos during the first 3 days of the challenge. (9/13 – 9/15)
  • All BEFORE and AFTER Photos must be in the same outfit, one size too small “goal” shirt, tank, or sport’s bar allowed so the judges can see your body transformation. 
  • Complete your weigh-out, measurements, and “after” photos after the challenge completes (10/25 – 10/27)
  • Post your finisher post in your studio’s VIP group, share your favorite before/after photo, write about your results and what you learned from the challenge. 

These are our nutrition recommendations:

  • No alcohol, sugar (soda, coffee creamer, candy), or bread (except Ezekiel bread). 
  • Drink more water, we want you to shoot for half of your body weight in ounces. 
  • Keep your net carbs to less than 100 grams per day. We recommend you use the App MyFitnessPal to track what you eat and drink. 
  • You can bring your own meal plan strategy. If you have a meal plan that is working for you, feel free to use it.
  • Use our approved meal plans which you will receive when you sign-up for the challenge.
  • You can follow Shawn Stevenson’s “Eat Smarter” Book and Meal Plans 
  • Sign-up for private coaching with any of our instructors and they will help you with your nutrition strategy. 

$600.00 in CASH PRIZES to be awarded!

We’re giving away $600 in prize money! 1st Place ($250), 2nd Place ($125), 3rd ($75) and six $25 honorable mentions, non-scale victories. These cash credits will go on your account and can be used for membership payments or pro shop purchases. 

Every finisher will also receive our #BestHour Lanyard and CRUSH-18 AWARD PIN

All Challengers receive access to bonus materials. It includes our #BestHour Meal Plans, Receipt Book, Protein Shake Guide, Restaurant Ordering Guide, Healthy Fruit Guide, our Nutrition FAQ. 

You will also have access to a FREE special 1-hour kickboxing class in either Federal Way or Kent (Tentatively planned on October 2nd & 3rd) and your name will be on our accountability walls to help you stay focused!



We understand that everyone may be doing this challenge from a different place. For example, maybe…

  • 2020 kicked your butt and you want to get back to exercising 3x per week. Use this 6-weeks to get your groove back and establish a healthier routine. If you haven’t worked out 3 times a week, here is your challenge!
  • You have been stressing out and making unhealthy decisions regarding what you eat and drink. This is your opportunity to eat clean, reduce body fat, subcutaneous fat and visceral fat in the process. 
  • You want to focus on adding more muscle by increasing your Protein intake and want to establish a new meal plan strategy over 6-weeks to see how your body responds. 
  • You’re tired all the time and you want more energy, this challenge can help you focus on your habits, nutrition, sleep, and exercise which will actually give you more energy and more mental clarity. 

Everyone comes in with different goals, but one thing is for certain, you can use the structure, coaching support, and support of the members around you to achieve anything you set your mind to. I’ve seen people drop pants and dress sizes, I’ve seen people change their nutrition programs forever. I’ve been people get off soda, alcohol, and candy. I’ve seen people switch from a high carb diet to a high protein diet and watch their bodies become fat-burning furnaces. Whatever your goal, our coaches will help you dial it in over the next 42-days. 

6-Week Challenge Pricing

Our 6-week challenges are open to the public. Current Members can join the challenge for $60.00 ($10/week). If you are a former member and want to do the challenge without purchasing a membership, you can purchase a punch card for $499  and receive access to 18 classes,  1 challenger class, unlimited Zoom, and unlimited on-demand. The punch card expires on October 25th. No further obligation.  Early Bird Specials were introduced on 8/29/21 to reward decision makers, read the next section to see if they are still available.

Yes! New Kickboxers can do this challenge, we recommend you start with our $40.00 beginner bundle which will score you a pair of gloves and 1on1 class with our trainers. Then you can decide on the punch card or invest in a monthly membership. 


The BEST thing you can do right now is to decide and commit to this 42-day challenge.  We have two options:

  1. Current Members can join the Challenge for just $60.00 ($10/Week)
  2. Non-Members can join the Challenge and get a bundle that includes a punch card for 18 in-studio classes, access to the private challenger class, and the challenge registration for $499


  • The first 40 Members to sign-up for the challenge will receive the Early Bird price of $48.00, then it will go up! So don’t wait!
  • The first 8 Non-Members can get the Challenge Bundle for $299, then it will go up! So don’t wait! This is a great deal for people with kickboxing experience and gloves. 


Announcing the Prestige Labs Sponsored Athlete

Prestige Labs wants to help you burn fat and add muscle during the next 6-weeks. They have teamed up with us to create the Prestige Labs Sponsored Athlete program for our current members only.

If you purchase this or any of their bundles before or during the challenge, Prestige will reimburse your challenge registration fee by placing a credit on your BestHour account before the end of the challenge. This credit can be applied to future membership payments or purchases in our pro shop.

This Kickstart Bundle includes about 30 Protein shakes and their fat-burning stack.

Private Coaching Services


Some of our instructors are accepting a handful of kickboxers to coach each week.  This is accountability and nutritional coaching to you achieve success, faster. 

A custom program will be created for you, with weekly check-ins to give you the support, education, and accountability to keep you focused, week after week.  

If you’re interested, talk with the instructor you would like to work or reach out to TJ or Joshua about your goals and we’ll go from there. 

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