The Science behind the name… #BestHour

YH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7“This was the Best Hour of my day!” I will never forget when I first heard those words in Federal Way. We had just celebrated our first year of operating the studio and those words stuck in my head. “Thank you”, I said, “It was my Best Hour too” I replied. It was a cheesy, but sincere answer. Being open a year gave me great clarity on the type of “gym” I wanted to own and operate. What if we focused on delivering our members the best hour of their day and let the workout take care of the rest.

YH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7Fast forward another year and a half, our #BestHour mission statement drives every single decision we make operating our studios. If the change enhances our ability to give our members a better experience, we go for it. We know it’s working, in 2018 we systematically crushed every single known record iLoveKickboxing had. New Members, Referrals, Renewals, Attendance, Pro Shop Purchases, Events outside the studio, and most heart rate monitor points earned by a single studio in a single month (January 2019). It’s no wonder we were named Franchise of the Year for 2018 and then the publishers of the Federal Way Mirror named us the Best of Federal Way – Fitness Facility for 2019 and 2020.

I believe all this was possible because we relentlessly focused on creating a positive culture within our studio which resulted in our members enriching their lives way beyond their fitness goals. They made friends. They laughed. They left the studio in a better state of mind then when they arrived. We gave them the Best Hour of their day.

From: Jim Harrer

This #BestHour mission has become our foundation. Today, July 7th, 2020 as we reopen from the COVID19 shutdown, we reopen as #BestHour Kickboxing under the new parent company, Best Hour Fitness. This change will allow us to control our own destiny as we navigate this worldwide pandemic. What is different? This comes to mind…

  • All new class plans for 30, 45, and 60-minutes. All with more kickboxing (7, 8, and 9-rounds respectively)
  • Interactive Zoom Classes where the instructors are Mic’d up and able to talk with Members while class is going on. Our goal is to Zoom every class.
  • On-Demand Videos, including a variety of class plans and tutorials. All professionally filmed with multiple cameras. Check out our free kickboxing tutorials
  • A new Member Portal where members can schedule their classes and reserve their bags in advance. No more arriving at the studio stressed out wondering if you’re going to get a bag.
  • Our own BestHour Fitness App for iOS and Android for members to manage their account, update their credit card info, schedule their classes and watch videos on demand.
  • Remodeled studios that are colorful (Black, Gray, and Green) with our favorite motivational quotes all the wall to help you stay focused on your goals.
  • More of a focus on building Strength & Confidence that results in creating a CHAMPION mindset for our members.  We firmly believe we help our members become Champions on the mat that transcend across other elements of their life.


The staff and live our Champion mindset every day. We focus on positivity and serving our clients. We strive to notice the details every day so we can recognize our client’s hard work and appreciate them for finding their #MeTime, regardless if it’s in the studio, on-zoom, or posting about the video on demand they just completed.

This website will cover both studios. We will use it to unite our members of both studios as well and help spread the word about how we’re taking group fitness kickboxing classes to the next level by improving the member experience and encouraging a culture where we have fun and burn a ton of calories. A culture that celebrates sweat!

If you are new to kickboxing you’ve found the right place! Check out our current beginner kickboxer specials.

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Thank you for joining us on this wild ride to better mental and physical health. I appreciate you and look forward to seeing you, on the mat.


Jim Harrer, Founder & CEO

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